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The more I start working on my creative projects seriously, the more I've become aware of my tendency to hop around from project to project as the mood strikes me.

I've heard some people equate this to bipolar tendencies. Personally I think that's going a little far (real bipolar is quite serious, and it's always bad juju to diagnose yourself!), but I can understand the sentiment. Sometimes the creative juices just flow from me, and it almost feels like I'm in a higher state of consciousness where all the words and plot arcs and the character concepts fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Other times getting the words down is like pulling teeth. I can't think of anything.

I've heard one way to overcome this is to just force yourself to write every single day. But personally? I project-hop. The answers will come to me eventually, and I'd rather be doing something productive and fun to me while waiting for those ideas to coalesce.

So where have I been? I've been in the midst of a project bounce. I've recently gained developer status over at Tamriel Rebuilt after a few months of waiting for approval on my showcase, and now that I'm clear to write and implement quests, that's what I'm doing! This in turn got me to pick up Skyrim again and start in earnest on hashing out an idea I've had for a follower mod. My follower's probably in a releasable form now, but I want to see his questline to a more acceptable stage of completion before I release my alpha. It's been fun and fulfilling work, and I just hope I get to share it all soon!

But I must eventually turn back to Shadows and to Lives of the Saints as well. With 'Saints more closely related to my current projects, I keep coming up with all sorts of ideas I want to put into the novel, and am having a hard time narrowing it down! I've been debating letting go of having the chapters be in a logical order at this point, and to just write as the ideas occur. Worry about sewing it all together later.

But I wouldn't want to make it too confusing for my readers. The struggle goes on! Lives of the Saints is next on my list for a project bounce, and then I really must get back to Shadows. Last I checked I had 32 downloads, which was amazing, but no reviews yet. Perhaps they're waiting for a more completed version before they cast judgement.

Must bounce!
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Well, it's done! If not done-done. But I'm plenty excited anyway!

I've completed the first chapter of my little D&D 5e campaign, and it's up on the Dungeon Master's Guild now:

Now to sit back and rake in...a couple dimes? Maybe even a couple dollars if I'm lucky! Oh, the woes of trying to break into a new market, haha.
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I'm sure this news is all over the net by now, but Wizards of the Coast now allows you to write and sell your own adventures through their website:

Dungeon Masters Guild Now Open

I'm pretty excited for this. Working for the Wizards of the Coast as a writer has always been my dream, and now I can do the next best thing, get my name out, AND get paid for it!

To that end, I'm starting work on a campaign. It'll be set in Ched Nasad, dealing with the Shadow Plane, dragons, deep gnome artifacts, and of course our favorite characters, the drow. It starts something like this...

You awake to the soft dripping of water, echoing down stony passages. You come to in a small, dimly lit room, just barely big enough for your party to fit into without brushing the walls. The front of the room is filled in by metal bars, and you can see out into a long narrow, hallway. A rune traced on the wall beyond the bars gives off a faint purple light, the only light source that you can see.

Your possessions are gone, and your wrists are heavy with manacles. You are a prisoner.

From there...well, we'll see, huh? :)


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