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I'm sure this news is all over the net by now, but Wizards of the Coast now allows you to write and sell your own adventures through their website:

Dungeon Masters Guild Now Open

I'm pretty excited for this. Working for the Wizards of the Coast as a writer has always been my dream, and now I can do the next best thing, get my name out, AND get paid for it!

To that end, I'm starting work on a campaign. It'll be set in Ched Nasad, dealing with the Shadow Plane, dragons, deep gnome artifacts, and of course our favorite characters, the drow. It starts something like this...

You awake to the soft dripping of water, echoing down stony passages. You come to in a small, dimly lit room, just barely big enough for your party to fit into without brushing the walls. The front of the room is filled in by metal bars, and you can see out into a long narrow, hallway. A rune traced on the wall beyond the bars gives off a faint purple light, the only light source that you can see.

Your possessions are gone, and your wrists are heavy with manacles. You are a prisoner.

From there...well, we'll see, huh? :)
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